If Santa Claus Were A Lawyer…

Ever wondered what kind of lawyer Santa would be?  I think he would make a terrific attorney.  The type a freelance paralegal like myself loves to work with.  Here are a few reasons why…

Santa enjoys his work.

The best attorneys I work with have found a niche they are passionate about and they love what they do.  I believe  Lawyer Santa would find a specialty and represent his clients with zeal.

Santa helps those in need.

Santa is quite generous with his time and resources.  Lawyer Santa would do pro bono work.

Santa uses a team of capable helpers.

Santa could not complete all of his responsibilities without  teamwork. He efficiently delegates  to his amazing elves and uses a team of unique reindeer to meet his deadlines.  Lawyer Santa would delegate to his team of paralegals and legal secretaries to make sure no deadlines are missed. This would free up Lawyer Santa to be available for the jobs only he can do.

Santa is jolly and takes time to enjoy the simple things.

Santa is friendly and smiles a lot.  He is even known for his hearty “Ho,ho ho!”  This may be because he takes time to enjoy the milk and cookies along the way.  Lawyer Santa would be courteous to clients and staff.  He would take the time to enjoy life so that he could also enjoy work.

Santa has the right tools for the job.

Santa’s sleigh makes his job much faster and easier.  Lawyer Santa would make smart use of technology to keep his practice running smoothly and to deliver a polished work product.

What traits would you add to the list that make Santa an ideal attorney?

Happy Holidays from Misty Sheffield.  Thank you all for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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2 Responses to If Santa Claus Were A Lawyer…
  1. Vicki Voisin
    December 15, 2011 | 9:14 pm

    That Santa’s quite a guy, Misty…and I’ll bet he could do anything he wants to do, especially with a team of talented paralegals!

    • Misty Sheffield
      December 16, 2011 | 7:56 pm

      Yes Vicki, Santa is quite a guy. I would certainly love to work with him!

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