The Smart Way to Boost Firm Profits

You can increase your firm’s efficiency and easily lower overhead by working with me as a virtual or freelance paralegal.  You pay only for time spent completing your legal project.  You save money by avoiding the costs associated with a full-time employee such as taxes, benefits, vacation time, sick leave, office space and down time.

My freelance paralegal services can be a profit center for your firm.  My rates to you are lower than the rates you will bill your clients for my services, creating an instant profit for your firm.

The Answer to Your Work Flow Problem

When your workload fluctuates due to court appearances, multiple deadlines or unsuccessful settlements, I can help you manage your load without bringing on an employee you will not need during less hectic times.  We can work together on an as-needed basis to keep your practice running smoothly.  Contact me to discuss how I can help regulate your work flow.

What Types of Services Do You Offer?

I work in civil litigation and real estate.   I can work with you on trial preparation, short or long-term projects, or overflow work.  This list of services is only a sampling of the certified paralegal services I offer.  If you need a paralegal service not listed below, please contact me.

  • Case Analysis
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Medical Record Analysis
  • Case Timelines and Chronologies
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Witness Interviews and Deposition Preparation
  • Coordination of Depositions, Mediations, Settlement Conferences
  • Draft Pleadings
  • Organize and Index Voluminous Pleadings
  • Compile Trial Notebooks and Binders
  • Draft Discovery Responses
  • Issue subpoenas for Trial Witnesses
  • Compile data for Trial Exhibits
  • Prepare Trial Exhibits

How Do  I Get Started?

Contact me at .  My initial consultation is complimentary.  I work with attorneys throughout Georgia.

Legal Kick, LLC is not a law firmLegal Kick, LLC provides freelance and virtual paralegal services to attorneys in good standing with their state’s bar association only.  Legal Kick, LLC does not work with the general public, give legal advice, or supply legal forms to non-attorneys.  NOTE: Georgia law prohibits paralegals from offering services directly to the public.

Misty L. Sheffield is a freelance paralegal helping solos and small law firms in civil litigation. She has been assisting attorneys for over 12 years. Read More »